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Published on September 15th, 2013


Moodar Koodam (Mudar Kudam): Fools Gathering – Audience needs to gather


Once again Tamil Cinema shows different colors in recent years. The debutant director Naveen; who was a former assistant to Pandiraj, also acted in this movie as one of the four main characters.

Even though the film style mostly resemblance to Guy Richie movie’s like Revolver and Snatch, Naveen script and direction made an effort to move Tamil Cinema in a positive node after film like Soodhu Kavvum”, “Neram”, “Pizza” and “Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom”.

The film started with the quote of Buddha; “It is better to travel well than to arrive”. As quote saying the film director Naveen is also trying to travel in a new dimension. Time will tell whether In the future he will reach his destination in Tamil Cinema or not but he certainly travel for that.

Comedy and satire are beautifully scripted in Moodar Koodam. Four strangers; Naveen as Naveen, Sentrayan as Sentrayan, Rajaj as Vellaisami or White, Kuberan as Kuberan, landed in a Jail and released at the same time for minor offenses. After released inspector gave money and said them to go and eat. Instead of going for a restaurant they ended up in the local bar. They were worried about how to manage their both ends meet. So Naveen; who is the smarter in the four, is planning to rob Vellaisami’s uncle Bhaktavatsalan (performed by Jayaprakash) house. Because Bhaktavatsalan is a big cheater and crook, he initially borrowed some money from Vellaisami’s father long time ago and became a rich guy but he never returns the money back. When Vellaisami went for a help uncle Bhaktavasalan after his mother, who is Bhaktavatsalan’ sister, passed away, he smartly turn him back by saying like ‘your father also very proud man he never asked any help’. Bhaktavasalan also said that they are going 10 days tour so come back after 10 days he will arrange a work for him.

So four instant friends made a deal and planning to rob Bhaktavasalan house because it is almost risk free and no one around the house for next 10 days.

So they went next morning to Bhaktavasan’s house and when Sentrayan tried to break the door lock, the door opens itself by Bhaktavasalan’s wife (Anupama Kumar). She didn’t noticed Sentrayan and asked Vellaisami “what are you doing in here in the morning?” When he was about to answer, she herself thought he is here to pack luggage in the request of her husband. So everybody somehow inside the house without breaking but instead they need to pack luggage. In one point Naveen took his knife after hard time given by Bhaktavaslan’s family members which made the four to handle the situation in the most comedy and satire manner.
Unfortunately then only they found out Bhaktavatsalan was cheating hundreds of innocent people and try to escape. In the house there was no money at all but everything was deposited in Dubai by his partner. As movie went on the characters also grow in the house dramatically in hilarious manner by regular intervals, so that audience never felt bored.

The characters were introduced by flashback and some of them were very interesting manner but some made audience to feel little bored. Even there were flashback for dog and doll. The flashbacks were filmed in a very distinguish manner and even cartoon characters were introduced in the flashbacks. Because of the lot of flashback the film extended to usual over two under half hours film. It could be better, if the movie shorten around two hours.

Director Naveen, character always acted as cool and intelligent guy who never loses his control over anything. He sometimes delivers some powerful lines which gave strong messages to audience with humorous manner. In one point he was explaining using mangoes to deliver the different between rich and poor people. How rich people took more mangoes than they supposed to take and poor people ended up in small portion of the mangoes. It touches the basic line in the Capital theory of Carl Marx. The audience also responded well by clapping.

Sentarayan and Kuberan were showing their emotions in different funny ways which made audience to laugh out of their seats. Especially when showing the Sentrayan faced showed up in very close up manner and his facial expression made everybody laugh. Not only the main four characters acted well but also everyone in the movie performed par excellent. The children were performed very well and the characterizations of them were very funny, natural and cleverly drafted.

The cinematographer Tony Chan and music director Natarajan Sankaran did their job well and editor Athiyappan Siva also did his job fair enough.


Even though brilliantly written, directed and well acted movie, length of the movie and the over flashbacks are giving some unpleasant moments. Nowadays Tamil Cinema is continuously traveling in the new dimension by film like this. Must watch


Crew and Cast Info:

Lead Role: Naveen, Sentrayan, Rajaj, Kuberan

Other Cast: Jayaprakash as Bhaktavatsalan, Anupama Kumar, Oviya Sindhu Reddy, RJ Ramesh Tilak

Written  and Directed by: Naveen

Produced by: Pandiraj

Studio   Pasanga Productions

Music by: Natarajan Sankaran

Cinematography by: Tony Chan

Editing by: Athiyappan Siva




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