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Published on October 11th, 2013


Onayum Aatukuttiyum

Mysskin once again proved after flop in Mugamudi and Nandalala, he has more to give audience. Even though Nandala was a great film and well acted by Mysskin there were some issue about its authenticity because Japanese film Kikujiro (1999) was the base of that story and some visuals also similar. In an interview Mysskin himself said as a joke that the Onayum Aatukuttiyum was also a copy of 14th centuary Portuguese film because people are going to say something like that in the future so I am saying before them. The thing in Tamil cinema was that only few people gave a credit to the original film which they copied that is very disappointing matter. Whatever it is so far no comment about copying of any film. If it is going to be his own then he made it with genius touch. Story telling by visual is Mysskin trade mark but this script is entirely depends on visuals and night effects and he done it colorfully. There is no over lighting most of the lighting effects through natural and supported by little lighting effects. His entire Onayum Aaatukuttiyum script can be written in few papers that stand his trade mark – visual can talk more than dialogue.


The story: When Chandran (Sri – Vazhakku En 18/9); a medical final year student, on the way to go home by bike in the late night, he noticed a man lay in the street with bullet injury and he was struggling for his life. So he took him to near private hospital but the doctor refused to treat him because it is going to be a police case. Then he took him to police booth where the police also didn’t care for the wounded person life. They just enquire Chandran as he was the main suspect or so. Then they were chatting with each other without any responsibility. When time passed by the life of the man also in critical stage as a medical student he can’t stand without doing anything. He took the matter his own and escaped from the booth and treated him in his house. When Chandran woke up in the next day he couldn’t see the injured man but few hours later intelligent officers (CBI) came over his house and took family members and him. They interrogated him about the injured man Wolf (Mysskin). Then only he knew that the person he helped was the professional killer and the CBI was the one tried to kill him on the previous night. They blamed him for Wolf’s escape and asked him to cooperate with them to kill Wolf otherwise he has to face criminal charges. In one point he agreed to kill him and went to meet Wolf.


Wolf intelligently escaped from the police plot and captured Chandran. Then Wolf took him in his journey to save a family. In that process two organizations tried to kill him; one was government and the other was his previous gang boss. Why Wolf was helping that family and his actions were explained in the later part of the movie where Wolf told a story for little girl; one of the family member whom Wolf was helping. That was a long and continuous uncut seen where Mysskin touch every audience by his performance. As a professional killer he lived with the character in every scene and he also even jumped from the running train without dope. He performed as an artist in every way and also he did very good job in fighting scenes too. Everybody might think how he could do stunt actions with his shabby body but he out performed mass heroes in many scenes.


Sri also shown matured acting in his performance and in one scene he took Mysskin entire body weight and climb upstairs by step was very natural and well acted. Every character in the film acted or lived in those characters as director’s wish without disturbing the story line. Even the small girl’s performance also very nicely crafted. Though it was kind of black comedy movie but characterization of human behaviour well crafted through visuals and small dialogues. Mysskin showed characters’ small details thoroughly by visuals without many dialogues. For a sample; in the middle of the story a police officers tried to pretend to be very thirsty and asked for water, when Wolf about to give him a water bottle Chandran attacked him by surprise. Then other corrupted cope came over there and shoot the police officer. Then only Chandran realized something went wrong in the mean time Wolf attacked the corrupted cope and recapture everybody under his control. The police officer who was shooting by corrupted cope asked again for the water and Mysskin gave it but this time he couldn’t drink it and died. It was visualized very detailed manner.


Other aspect of the film was Maestro Ilayaraja’s background music. If the film told half of the story then the music did the rest. The entire soul of the movie carried by background music and it was very heart touching one. Ilayraja once again proved his genius in background score. There were no songs in the entire film but the direction and background music carried the film until the end.

When the film started some audience was talking without care about the movie and some even said that they were going to watch the movie for 20 minutes only and leave. But none left the theater until 2 hours and 20 minutes and the initial talk disappeared without trace. Most of them were in the edge of the seat while watching the movie. As a director what else Mysskin wants.

Verdict: Must Watch
Movie Info:
Direction, Screenplay, Dialogues and Story by: Mysskin
BG: Ilayaraja
Cast: Mysskin, Sri, Adithya, Shaji, Neelima Rani
Production: Lone Wolf Productions
Cinematography: Balaji V Rangha
Distribution: Lone Wolf Productions

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